What is the Best Fish Oil Brand?

Fish oil is a very popular supplement, and evidence is strong that it can help you reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by reducing inflammation. Because of its popularity, there are a plethora of different brands available. No single one is necessarily going to be the best fish oil brand, although you will probably want to stick with a name brand rather than, say, a generic store brand.

However, knowing a few tips on what to look for can help you pick out a good one.

There is no established recommended daily allowance since fish oil is unregulated, however, most health benefits that have been studied have been in the 500 to 1000 mgs per day range, which is also what the American Heart Association recommends.

To find a quality fish oil supplement, look at the front of the bottle where it says how much fish oil is contained in each capsule; then look on the back for the total amount of DHA and EPA together. These are the most important omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil, and the main source of benefit. Compare the total DHA/EPA amount to the fish oil amount listed on the front. It should not be less than half of the total amount. If, say, the DHA/EPA amount is 300 mgs, and the fish oil capsule is 1000 mgs, then those pills 700 mgs of filler. A higher quality supplement will tend to have only 50% filler.

Also, you may want to consider staying away from fish liver oils, like the ever-popular cod liver oil. They contain high amounts of vitamin A, which can build up to toxic levels over time and cause problems. Liver also collects contaminants from the body's blood stream, and so environmental pollutants tends to be higher in liver-based oils.

Equipped with this information, you will be able to pick out the best fish oil brand that can give you the highest quality omega 3 for your money.