St John's Wort

St John's Wort is a plant of the genus Hypericum, and is found all over the world. It's main medical benefit is in treatment of depression.


Most clinical studies performed have shown a statistically significant effect on sufferers of mild depression, and even those with severe deprst johns wortession in some cases. A few other studies have shown no difference between St John's Wort and a placebo, however, the authors caution that the results of these studies are not conclusive.

Part of the problem in studying this herb is that there are no regulated concentrations sold over the counter, and thus it's difficult for researchers to really know exactly how much they are giving to patients.


St John's Wort causes few side effects; and its effectiveness as an anti-depressant is beneficial seeing as side effects from typical pharmaceutical anti-depressants can be severe. It may cause stomach problems and dizziness, although these are rare and generally mild.

St John's Wort should not be mixed with other anti-depressants and other drugs that raise seratonin levels. 


St John's Wort comes in all types of forms; generally, you will find tablets and teas, as well as tinctures. If you are a sufferer of depression, St John's Wort may help you but check with your doctor first. And just like most anti-depressants, the medications that work for you may be different than those that work for others.