HGH Benefits

The chemical produced by the pituitary gland known as somatropin, or more popularly as human growth hormone (HGH), regulates the growth cycle of the human body during childhood and the teenage years. As a treatment, it can be quite useful for kids with stunted growth, however, it is more well-known for the number of "anti-aging" supplement versions that have cropped up over the years. Does it have any effective uses in supplement form, and more importantly, is it dangerous?

Weight Training

Since a few studies have shown an ability to increase muscle and decrease fat, HGH is popular among weight trainers. An insane number of supplements claiming to contain HGH have appeared on the market, however, real HGH is only effective when injected so some of these are suspect. In addition, the hormone only works in bodybuilding when combined with other injectable supplements.

Side Effects

When using human growth hormone, there are a number of relatively that can crop up. Some of these can exacerbate pre-existing conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Because it is a hormone, there is some concern about HGH's longterm dangers, which have not been thoroughly studied at this time. Some researchers claim that it can in theory promote certain types of cancer, although this hasn't been firmly established. There may be a higher risk of diabetes in users of HGH as well.

While we do not recommend the use of HGH, the most important thing to remember about it is this: real growth hormone can only be administered through injections, and injections can only be bought through a doctor's prescription. Any other method out there is quackery, pure and simple.