Flaxseed Oil Saftey

Flaxseed oil is a source of omega-3 fatty acid, essential to the body and a possible heart-disease preventative. However, fish oil supplements are much more efficient at delivering the proper fatty acids than flaxseed. If you decide to use it as a supplement, there are a few safety issues worth considering.

First, it has shown some effectiveness in treating constipation related to inflammatory bowel disease. In other words, it can cause loose stool. One study showed an increase in bowel movements in users by 30% over non-users.

Second, this supplement can go bad quite quickly. Refrigeration is a must, as is keeping it in a dark container. Before you buy a supplement, please make sure it is in an opaque container and has been manufactured at a temperature below 100 degrees.

And third, flaxseed oil contains phytoestrogens. This is a hormone, and not a lot is known about its longterm effects. Other hormones have shown side-effects only in the longterm, and so caution must be exercised if you are going to use this supplement day after day and year after year.

While we do not recommend this supplement on a daily basis, especially for nutritional reasons, there may be other health benefits.  We highly suggest that if you are interested in obtaining a regular source of omega-3 in your diet that you use fish supplements instead.