Enteric Coated Fish Oil: How to Stop Fishy Breath

Fishy breath and fishy burps are the main side effect of taking fish oil supplements, and this can be reduced in two ways: freeze your fish oil, or buy enteric coated fish oil. Freezing it may help it digest slower and soften the “blow”, but this doesn’t work for everyone. The best way is to buy enteric coated fish oil, which is specially designed to pass through the stomach and begin digesting in the intestines instead.

Look for a high quality supplement, as cheaper versions will tend to have more filler and less fish oil. Look on the back of the bottle for the amount of DHA and EPA in the capsule, take the total, and compare with the total mgs of fish oil listed on the front. A good quality supplement will have around 50% DHA/EPA and 50% filler; if the DHA/EPA level is lower than half the total fish oil, then it might be a lower quality supplement.

Enteric coated fish oil is the way to go if you are concerned about bad breath (although the effect honestly doesn’t last all that long), but it is more expensive as well. Weigh your budget against your needs.