Diet Pills: Which Ones Are Best for Women?

There are not a whole lot of weight loss aids available, and of those that are, only a few work as advertised. The two best diet pills for women are probably Alli and phentermine, although apple cider vinegar also shows some promise as a possible weight loss aid. Do keep in mind that no weight loss supplements will work all by themselves. You must be eating less calories than you require to maintain your weight, and be exercising as well on a regular basis. If these two factors are in place, then adding a diet pill may help increase the amount of weight you will lose compared with someone not taking it.


The FDA approve Alli (orlistat) for use over the counter, and it appears to be fairly effective in increasing weight los when combined with diet and exercise. Weight loss was increased by about 5 to 10% over those taking a placebo, in controlled studies. Although probably relatively safe, it is under investigation for very rare incidences of liver damage, although it is unclear if this is related directly to the drug or not. The main side effect is loose and water stool.


A prescription drug in the amphetamine class, phentermine gained notoriety in 1997 when it was found that when combined with fenfluramine it caused heart valve damage and even one death. Fen-Phen was quickly pulled from the market. However, phentermine by itself does not cause heart damage and is still an effective and available diet supplement, only available by prescription. It is generally prescribed to women who are at risk from serious obesity, and can help suppress the appetite by releasing a hormone from the hypothalamus. It is only presribed for a short course of treatment, generally around 4 months, as it stops being effective after awhile. Side effects include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, insomnia, irritability, and other symptoms associated with stimulant usage.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Interestingly, the old folk remedy for everything under the sun may actually be a good weight loss supplement for women. In studies on humans, two tablespoons a day has been shown to increase weight loss (again, only while dieting), and improve cholesterol levels. Side effects include weak bones with long term use, and since it changes metabolism diabetic should be cautious as their insulin dosages may change.


There are a ton of supplements aimed all claiming to be the best diet pills for women, but most of them contain ingredients that are simply ineffective. For example, they may contain caffeine, yohimbine, or bitter orange, all ineffective ingredients for weight loss. The above discussed diet supplements probably represent the best currently available for women, and it must be emphasized that they can only only enhance currently existing dieting plans and will not be effective all by themselves.