Creatine Supplements

The bodybuilding supplement market is flooded with variations of creatine, and it's difficult to know which one to buy. The most common form is creatine monohydrate, but a new supplement called creatine ethyl ester has been released a few years ago and is claimed by the companies that sell it to be a superior form that can be absorbed more efficiently. Since no studies have been performed yet, this is not an established fact. We recommend sticking with the monohydrate form for now.

It is recommended that creatine be taken with a sugary drink, such as juice (however, avoid citrus juices as this can break down the creatine into a useless form), so some companies have combined regular creatine with flavored sugar. In addition, some companies combine creatine with other additives to try and make it their own formula, in order to outsell the competition.

We at SupplementZone highly recommend looking for a high quality creatine powder in its simplest form. Avoid "Mega" this and "Phosphate" that. You can mix it with your favorite drink and it won't contain any other compounds you may not wish to take.