Chromium and Weight Loss

Chromium regulates blood sugar and may help insulin work more efficiently in diabetics, but its most popular use is as a weight loss supplement.

Chromium Supplementation

Many grocery brand chromium picolinate supplements contain too many fillers and other useless ingredients that can actually decrease the effectiveness of the chromium.

Chromium Safety

Chromium is a popular supplement marketed as a weight loss pill and having some ability to regulate blood sugar.

Chromium Benefits

Chromium is a heavy metal that has an interesting role in the mechanics of the human body. It "assists" another chemical in energy production.

Chromium and Diabetes

While chromium is often seen marketed as a weight loss supplement, it has a potentially more useful and better documented effect. Chromium assists insulin in proces

Chromium - Fact Sheet

One of the more popular supplements, chromium has some unusual benefits that may or may not lead to helpful uses.

Chromium Picolinate | Benefits, Dangers, and Supplements

Chromium, a metal, plays a role in sugar metabolism.