Deficiencies in Leucine Kills Cancer Cells

A new study published in the journal Cancer Cell has discovered that depriving cancer cells of leucine, an amino acid, kills them in the test tube.

Pneumonia Patients Less Likely to Die if Not Deficient in Vitamin D

A new study published in Respirology suggests that patients who enter the hospital with peumonia and a deficiency of vitamin D are more likely to die than those who are not deficient.

Vitamin D Deficiencies May Be The Cause of Higher Stroke Risk in Black People

A new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine suggests a link between low vitamin D levels in black people, and the higher risk of stroke and other cardiovascular illness in suc

Older Women May Be At Risk of Heart Attacks from Calcium Supplementation

Often, older women use calcium supplementation to treat osteoporosis.

Colon Cancer Risk May Be Reduced with Canola Oil

Canola oil fed to rats significantly decreased colon cancer risk, a new study in aaaaa has found.

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Multiple Sclerosis

A new study published in the journal of Neurology suggests that low vitamin D levels, along with childhood infection with the virus that causes mononucleosis, may increase the risk for multiple scl

Further Evidence that Vitamin D May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

A new study at Emory University suggests that low vitamin D levels lead to stiff arteries and blood vessels, thus strengthening the evidence that vitamin D may be good for reducing the risk of hear

Diabetes Treatment... From Plant Oil?

Researchers at the University of Missouri have discovered some evidence that oil from the "bastard poon tree" may help reduce belly fat.

Reduce Crying in Newborn Babies with.... Vitamin B12?

A new study in Early Human Development suggests that mothers who consume larger quantities of vitamin B12 via natural sources like beef and eggs give birth to babies who cry less.

Large Disparity Between Evidence for hCG Diet and Anecdotes

The hCG diet has gained in popularity in recent years, despite the fact that most research on it has failed to find that it is effective. Despite this, users rave about it.